Services We Offer

Manuscript Completion

You may be looking for a publisher with your completed story in hand or you may just simply have an idea. We can help you no matter where you are in your process. We believe inspired thought happens for a reason and we are here to help build upon your ideas to create an innovative book that effectively attracts your audience.


With 12+ years of teaching High School English and a Master’s degree, our clients receive top-notch editing from CEO Lindsay Bednar. We provide content editing to ensure ideas are fully developed as well as meticulous grammatical editing that will both honor your voice and cater to your audience.

Project Management

We assist in all aspects of the publishing process, from developing a timeline of production from concept to print and determining how to best distribute and circulate your book. We will walk hand-in-hand with you, providing live assistance and navigating the best possible route to bring your book to life.


Whether you have a vision in mind or you need more creative direction, we’ll work with you to develop an effective design to help your book stand out among the rest. We can facilitate everything from illustration to photography to converting your verbiage to files prepped for print and digital format.

Rodney K Press
Rodney K Press is a Minnesota publishing company helping clients bring their vision to life.

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